Who is the best player in the NFL draft?

Who is one of the best players in the draft?

We’re back with our sixth edition of the draft grades for every NFL team.

First, the grades for the NFC East:1.

New York Jets (Round 1, Pick 28)The Jets have a deep and talented group of offensive linemen in Micah Hyde, Michael Oher, and Jonathan Cooper.

The defensive line has some issues but the offensive line has been good for a long time.

They have some issues with their pass rush, but this unit is young and can improve.2.

Atlanta Falcons (Round 2, Pick 33)The Falcons have had an up-and-down year.

The offense has been explosive but they’re still short on talent.

With the departure of running back Devonta Freeman, the Falcons’ front seven has been limited.

They still have the potential to improve, but they are far from the team that won the NFC South.3.

New Orleans Saints (Round 4, Pick 45)The Saints are a rebuilding team.

They need to replace all three starters on the defensive line.

They also need to improve on their passing game.

The defense needs a new coordinator.4.

Philadelphia Eagles (Round 3, Pick 68)The Eagles have a solid quarterback in Carson Wentz, but there is a lot of talent at wide receiver and running back.

They’re in a rebuilding phase, but the Eagles’ roster has talent.

They could use another quarterback in the second round.5.

Seattle Seahawks (Round 5, Pick 98)The Seahawks’ offense is a work in progress.

They don’t have a star receiver in Sidney Rice, but their offensive line is good.

The secondary needs to improve.

The front office needs to focus on finding a good free agent receiver.6.

Denver Broncos (Round 6, Pick 120)The Broncos have a top-10 defense in Von Miller, but it’s the front seven that is the problem.

The offensive line isn’t the problem either, but Denver has been relying too heavily on their running game.7.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Round 7, Pick 132)The Bucs are one of those teams that’s still in rebuilding mode.

They’ve already made several moves to rebuild the front office.

They should have some depth in the secondary.8.

Carolina Panthers (Round 8, Pick 138)The Panthers are going to have a long rebuilding process this offseason.

They traded for Josh Norman and are rebuilding in other areas.

The quarterback situation is also a big concern, especially in the receiving department.9.

Tennessee Titans (Round 9, Pick 152)The Titans had one of their better seasons in years when they were the No. 1 seed in the NFC North.

The Titans are rebuilding after losing Josh McCown and Justin Hunter to free agency.10.

Arizona Cardinals (Round 10, Pick 164)The Cardinals are looking to find a new quarterback.

They’ll have some tough decisions on defense and in the pass rush.

They signed former NFL QB Carson Palmer, but he’s going to need to be better in his third season.11.

Green Bay Packers (Round 11, Pick 180)The Packers have a lot to prove.

Their defense is shaky, and they have no running back to compliment Aaron Rodgers.

They needed to upgrade their offensive tackle position.12.

New England Patriots (Round 12, Pick 188)The Patriots were one of only two teams in the AFC East to finish a season in the top half of the NFL in points allowed.

They had a huge win over the Jets in the divisional round.

They are rebuilding, but look to get better in the front end of their defense.13.

Detroit Lions (Round 13, Pick 203)The Lions are rebuilding.

They will have to improve their offensive game.

They already have some talented offensive linemen.

They can use some help on the offensive lines.14.

Tampa United (Round 14, Pick 207)The United States Men’s National Team had a great performance against Honduras in the Gold Cup.

They defeated the Honduran national team on penalties.

The Lions are improving defensively.15.

Atlanta United (The Pick 14)The Atlanta United have had a strong start to the season.

They beat the Los Angeles Galaxy in a shootout.

The team needs to continue to improve and take care of business against the New York Red Bulls.16.

Tampa Panthers (The Draft Pick 16)The Buccaneers have a young roster with a number of holes.

The midfield needs some work, but offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer needs to make the changes that the team needs.17.

Kansas City Chiefs (Round 16, Pick 214)The Chiefs were one the first teams in college football to sign Alex Smith.

They made a couple of changes this offseason, but Smith has been great.

The Chiefs are a solid team and should win the AFC West.18.

Miami Dolphins (Round 17, Pick 221)The Dolphins have been rebuilding for years.

They were in the playoffs for the first time since 2006 and won the