When ‘NFL Week 14’ is over, which teams will be the next to move?

NFL Week 14 kicks off at 10 a.m.

ET, and there will be no less than eight teams that will be competing in the league’s most eagerly anticipated event.

However, it will also include several teams that have been largely absent from the spotlight this season, and are now starting to show their hand in the playoff hunt.

Here’s a look at where these teams stand in the battle for the postseason: * New Orleans Saints: The Saints have been in the NFL for decades, but this season has been their most important since they made the playoffs in 2017.

They’re currently the only team in the top four of their division, but they’re still searching for their first postseason berth in four seasons.

Their current record is 4-1, and they’re looking to bounce back after a rough 2017 season.

The Saints will be seeking a second consecutive NFC South title after finishing the season in last place in the NFC.

* Indianapolis Colts: The Colts are still looking for their third playoff appearance since 2011, but their season has come to a close.

The Colts finished with the worst record in the AFC South, and were outscored by 31 points a game.

The last time the Colts were in the playoffs was in 2015, when they made it to the Super Bowl, and finished 11-5.

The offense should be better this year, as they’ve managed just 11 touchdowns through eight games.

The defense should be even better, with the defense’s pass rush and run defense improving significantly from last season.

It’s unlikely that the Colts will have the same success as last season, but the defense will help them continue to contend for a playoff spot.

* New York Jets: The Jets finished 8-8 last season and have struggled since.

They had to settle for a third straight winless season in 2018, and will look to get back on track this season.

They have the talent to make it into the playoffs this year if they continue to put the right things together.

New York’s offense is one of the best in the division, and its defense should have improved in 2018.

They’ll look to continue that trend with a dominant offense and a dominant defense.

The Jets’ biggest obstacle will be their defense, which allowed over 100 points a season ago.

The secondary will be crucial to New York if they hope to be a contender.

* Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs’ offensive and defensive struggles have put them in a difficult position this season — which team should they start over in the first round of the playoffs?

They were 8-5 last season before going 0-12 the following season.

With a new offensive coordinator, and an experienced secondary, the Bucs should be able to get to the playoffs again.

Tampa’s defense will need to improve if it hopes to be in the mix for a second straight playoff spot, but it could be a tough task.

* Tennessee Titans: The Titans finished 7-9 last season after a 10-win season in 2017, and had a top-10 defense in 2017 as well.

However and especially with their offense underperforming, the Titans have been unable to win a playoff game in five of the last six seasons.

This season will be different, and the Titans will need a top offense and defense to make a run at the postseason.

Tennessee’s biggest obstacle is the defense, and a lack of pass rush will likely be an issue.

If the Titans can find their pass rush, they could potentially be in contention.

* Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City finished 8th in the Chiefs’ division last season despite having a better offense than the Titans.

However they did not have the best offensive line, and with a defense that was one of just two in the entire NFL last season with over 100 sacks, the Chiefs will need their quarterback to play well to make things interesting.

They should be a very difficult team to beat.

* Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals had a solid 2016 season, finishing with a record of 6-10, but had their best season offensively in 2017 with a top five defense.

They finished 10th in offense last season but ranked seventh in total defense, giving them an opportunity to finish as the second seed in the postseason race.

The Bengals have struggled offensively since they went 3-13 in 2018 and have a top 10 defense, but there is no denying that the offense is good enough to compete for a postseason spot this year.

The defensive line will have to be at a high level this year to be successful.

* Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers’ defense finished the year with a 10th-place ranking in scoring defense, despite playing in the third best conference in the country.

They were also the second-best defense in the conference in rushing defense.

However with injuries and an improved offensive line they should be much better this season if they can find the right players for the offense and pass rush.

Pittsburgh will be looking to continue to improve on the defense this season with a big