What you need to know about the NFL’s draft this year

When the first round rolls around, it’s a good idea to take stock of what you’re getting into.

That way, you’ll know how good the prospects will be once the draft rolls around and the league takes them in.

But how can you know when to take a risk and when to wait?

I’ve compiled a list of five common mistakes you can make when it comes to the NFL draft.1.

Expectations are too high.

I know, I know.

This is a cliché.

The best players in the world are going to be the ones you get to watch.

But when you have no idea what the NFL is about, it can be a bit overwhelming.

It’s not just the talent that can be so hard to predict.

The NFL is so fluid that it’s hard to know which players will be the most successful.

There are plenty of teams that will go for a player like Jadeveon Clowney, but you’ll never be able to tell if that team will have success or not.

And even though you can get a sense of the draft class with the way teams are choosing their top picks, the reality is you still have to look at a lot of different things to know what to expect.2.

You should pick at least one player who fits your expectations.

This means you should be prepared to take on some of the biggest names in the draft.

There’s a lot to like about Clowney and he’s a very smart player.

The Texans will go with a quarterback with a lot going for him.

But they’ll probably be looking for someone who can make plays for them on the outside, something they don’t have in the first three rounds.

You want someone who has a big arm and good athleticism.3.

You need to be realistic.

We’re talking about a draft class that’s going to have some big names, but there are a lot more of them than there are top tier prospects.

This draft class has a lot in common with the ones we saw last year: The wide receiver position is deep and talented.

There will be a lot at the position, but it’s not a very deep group.

There’ll be a number of players who can take advantage of the wide receiver class.

There should also be a few who aren’t quite there yet.

But as a whole, you don’t want to overthink the position.

You don’t need to go out and pick a player who you think is the next Odell Beckham Jr. or DeAndre Hopkins.

That’s a little unrealistic.

It also won’t make your picks any more accurate.4.

Pick one player based on how good he is as a player.

If a player’s upside is a big question mark, you should go with the guy who can give you that answer.

If you’re looking for a pass-rusher who can bring a ton of power and knock down big hits, you might want to take that player over a linebacker.

That player is going to need to play on special teams, but he’s also going to get a lot out of being a third-down linebacker.5.

You can’t pick too early.

You know that there’s a chance a player you drafted will turn out to be a bust.

But there are still some teams that have an excellent crop of talent that could help them win.

If your pick is someone who looks like he’ll fall somewhere in the middle, then you should consider taking him in the second round.

You’re not going to know how the player is doing until you watch him play.

You’ll also have to evaluate him against the players you drafted before him.

If he’s struggling early on, it could mean he won’t have a chance to stick.

If that happens, you’re not taking a risk.

If it’s the opposite, you can still get a good feel for how a player is progressing, so you’ll be able better prepare for the future.6.

Don’t pick players based on their position.

This isn’t to say you can’t get an idea of how a certain player is playing if you look at him as a pass rusher or linebacker.

But you can also do that with a wide receiver.

For instance, the Saints have a great group of receivers.

The one who really stands out in the class is Victor Cruz, a wideout who can play in the slot.

If Cruz isn’t as productive as some of his peers, he’ll still be a valuable piece for the Saints, but his skill set isn’t going to carry over to the next level.

The same is true for linebackers, who are usually a combination of speed and strength.

The difference between these two types of players is that speed is more important in the NFL, but strength is more valuable.

So while Cruz is a nice player, he’s not going the same route as a linebacker who’s a natural pass-rushing specialist.

If the Saints are drafting a pass linebacker, you shouldn’t