What we know about the NFC playoff bracket

The NFC playoff rankings are in.

Here’s what we know: What you need to know:The top four teams will meet in a playoff round in Atlanta, with the top four seed going on to face off against the winner of the AFC wild-card round.

The NFC’s NFC East, which features two teams with winning records, will square off against a division rival in the NFC West, while the NFC’s West Coast division, which includes the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers, will play the NFC East’s NFC South division.

What’s at stake:The first-place Seahawks and Falcons are both locked into first place, while Seattle and New England are tied for third in the AFC.

The third-place Broncos and Texans are tied with the Titans for fourth, while Buffalo and Miami are tied atop the AFC South.

Who’s in it?

The top two seeds from each division are locked in, while first-round pick Sam Bradford will face off with a fourth-place team.

Bradford’s first two games in Atlanta are against division rivals, while he’ll play the division’s best team, the Panthers.

Why this matters:The NFC is a tough conference, and the Seahawks are coming off a tough loss to the Broncos.

The Falcons and Rams are two of the league’s worst teams and the Panthers are the league leader in points allowed per game.

Where this playoff bracket could go wrong: The Seahawks have a .500 record since losing to the Eagles in the playoffs in 2016.

The Seahawks are in the top two in the division, but the NFC South is one of the NFL’s weakest divisions.

With a division that’s only half as tough as the AFC, this NFC playoff will be difficult to win.