What the NFL, NFLPA & NFL players want, & what the union is willing to do

SAN FRANCISCO — NFL players and union representatives have been meeting with the league office in Los Angeles to discuss the lockout and the upcoming trade deadline.

The NFLPA and its affiliated clubs met on Thursday to discuss issues related to the lockout, including issues with the lockout’s implementation, the franchise tag, the collective bargaining agreement and the collective-bargaining rights of players, the union said in a statement released by the NFL Players Association.

It also said it is meeting with league office executives on Tuesday to discuss ways to resolve the lockout without a new contract.NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said the union’s meetings with league offices are to “seek a resolution” for the players, which would require negotiations to end without a deal.

The players union said it was also looking for “a new and fair collective bargaining relationship between the NFL and players and to resolve ongoing issues.”

The NFLPA is seeking a new collective bargaining deal and a new CBA.

Smith said players are in “serious” talks to end the lockout in November and to begin negotiations with the union for a new deal by the end of next week.