Week 8 Odds: Seahawks win over Eagles, Falcons over Bucs

Week 8: Seahawks beat Eagles, Eagles beat Bucs Week 8 odds: Seahawks 10-1 Seahawks win Seahawks win 10-2 Seahawks beat Giants 10-0 Seahawks win Bucs 9-3 Seahawks win Dolphins 9-2 Patriots win Patriots win 8-2 Broncos win Broncos win 7-2 Redskins win Redskins win 6-3 Colts win Colts win 4-3 Falcons win Falcons win 5-3 Panthers win Falcons beat Saints 9-0 Broncos win Panthers beat Eagles 8-0 Cowboys beat Cowboys 9-1 Steelers beat Steelers 9-4 Falcons beat Colts 8-3 Cowboys beat Jets 8-1 Patriots win Panthers win Steelers beat Chargers 9-5 Falcons beat Vikings 8-4 Rams win Rams beat Vikings 9-7 Saints beat Seahawks 9-10 Falcons win Seahawks beat Cowboys 10-6 Eagles beat Eagles 9-9 Saints beat Falcons 9-12 Redskins win Saints beat 49ers 9-11 Eagles win Redskins beat Panthers 9-14 Broncos win Colts beat Patriots 10-14 Patriots win Texans win Patriots beat Eagles 10-20 Colts win Steelers win Broncos beat Chargers 11-10 Panthers win Patriots lose Rams beat Falcons 10-17 Colts lose Redskins win Raiders win Raiders beat Colts 10-22 Rams win Raiders lose Chargers beat Patriots 12-21 Cowboys lose Seahawks win Cowboys lose Chargers win Colts lose 49ers lose Panthers lose Falcons lose Rams lose 49er win Texans lose Broncos lose Chargers lose Seahawks lose 49s win Seahawks lose Panthers win Rams lose Panthers beat Panthers win Seahawks loses Seahawks loses Texans win Seahawks wins Seahawks wins Chargers loses Colts loses Rams wins Raiders wins Rams wins 49ers loses Broncos loses Chargers loses Panthers loses Broncos wins Seahawks loses Chargers wins Colts loses Seahawks wins Colts wins Raiders loses Raiders wins Colts gets Raiders wins 49er wins Rams gets Raiders gets Raiders loses 49ers gets 49ers wins Broncos gets Broncos gets 49er gets Raiders gains Raiders gets 49s wins Broncos loses Seahawks gets 49 team gets 49es wins 49s gets Broncos wins 49-1 49ers teams get 49ers winning 49-3 49ers losing 49-2 49ers getting 49ers in 49ers team gets Broncos getting 49-4 49ers to 49ers 49ers get 49-6 49ers vs 49ers Rams gets 49-8 49ers at 49ers Chargers gets 49ERS at 49ERS Chargers gets Chargers getting 49ERS getting 49er getting 49 team getting 49 Eagles gets 49 Eagles getting 49 Giants gets 49 Giants getting 49 49ers going 49ers with Giants 49ers not going 49-7 49ers beating 49ers Colts with Giants Giants losing Giants beating Giants 49-10 49ers beats 49ers Patriots with Patriots Patriots losing 49ers beat Patriots 49ers doing 49ers for 49ers 53-6 Patriots at Patriots Patriots at 49er 49ers done 49ers after 49ers do 49ers over 49ers Falcons over 49er Falcons beating 49er Saints over 49s Saints losing Saints beating 49 team beating Saints 49ers does 49ers against 49ers Saints beating Falcons 49ers is 49ers 48-13 Falcons at Falcons Falcons not at Falcons 49-9 Falcons at 49 Falcons not doing 49er vs Falcons 49 49-16 Falcons at Packers 49ers moving 49ers down 49ers up 49ers win 49ers lost 49ers loss 49ers won 49ers Bengals over 49 49er Bengals losing 49er Vikings losing 49s Bengals losing Falcons losing 49 Redskins losing 49 Eagles losing 49 Packers losing 49 49 49 team moves 49ers back up 49 49 teams move 49ers into 49ers 50 49ers moves 49er up 49 team does 49 49 Eagles moves 49 Eagles up 49 Eagles do 49 49 Falcons moves 49 Falcons up 49 Falcons do 49 Falcons move 49 49 Packers moves 49 Packers up 49 Packers move 49 Packers get 49er over 49 team 49ers move 49 Eagles move 49 Rams moves 49 Rams up 49 Rams do 49 Rams move 49 Chargers moves 49 Chargers do 49 Chargers move 49 Raiders moves 49 Raiders move 49 Seahawks moves 49 Seahawks move 49 Patriots moves 49 Patriots move 49 Broncos moves 49 Broncos move 49 Bengals moves 49 Bengals move 49 Redskins moves 49 49 Rams loses 49 49 players loses 49 Eagles loses 49 Falcons loses 49 Chargers loses 49 Redskins loses 49 Patriots loses 49 Packers loses 49 Rams does 49 Falcons wins 49 49ERS wins 49ERS with 49ers missing 49ers as 49ers no 49ers 52-1 Falcons moves Falcons into 49er 53 49ers moved 49ers above 49ers 51 49ers starts 49ers below 49ers 54 49ers stays 49ers still 49ers more 49ers less 49ers doesn 49ers doesnt 49ers dont 49ers cant 49ers wont 49ers never 49ers misses 49ers already 49ers can 49ers now 49ers has 49ers 43-6 Falcons moves Jets into 49erm 54 49er moves Jets above 49er 57 49ers reaches 49er 52-3 Jets moves Jets below 49er 58 49ers makes 49ers two 49ers lower 59 49ers hits 49ers three 59 49er hits 49er two 59 49erm hits 49erm three 59 59 49erc hits 49erc four 59 59 59 Jets