The NFL Draft: The most exciting players in this year’s draft

It was a rough start for the NFL Draft.

While it was not the most exciting day in NFL history, it was the most competitive day in the history of the league.

The top three picks were on the clock by the time the dust settled, and the draft was about to begin.

The first round was dominated by the Seattle Seahawks, which drafted two players in the top 10 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who took two players from the Tennessee Titans in the second round.

This is where things got interesting. 

The second round was a disaster for the league, as two teams who had never played each other and who were both in the playoff hunt fell apart. 

Bucs QB Jake Locker had to walk off the field with a fractured collarbone after throwing a pick-six to a defenseless player.

The other QBs, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Mallett, had both suffered a broken collarbone. 

On the other side of the ball, the New York Giants had a tough time dealing with the loss of their star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in free agency, while their star defensive tackle Damon Harrison was lost for the season. 

These were the teams who were supposed to take the top two players.

The first two rounds were a disaster, and there were no surprises in the first round, as every team had a pick in the mid-to-late second.

The second round went a long way in rebuilding the league’s confidence and showing that it was worth a rebuild.

The NFL finally turned its attention to the college ranks, and by the end of the second week of the draft, it had the league at 12 teams. 

But as the second half of the third round approached, the draft became a roller coaster.

The Minnesota Vikings traded down to take Oklahoma RB Ezekiel Elliott in the fifth round, and it was clear that Minnesota was in the middle of a rebuild, but the draft ended up being more about rebuilding than anything else. 

For the next few rounds, the NFL had a great start, with the Minnesota Vikings getting two picks in the seventh round and a second-round pick in order to get linebacker Vontaze Burfict. 

Meanwhile, the Seattle 49ers and Cleveland Browns traded down, with both of them getting picks in their second round in order for the first two picks to be taken. 

Both teams traded down again, with Seattle picking up their third-rounder and Cleveland getting their fourth-round draft pick. 

Finally, the Pittsburgh Steelers traded down from the seventh to the fourth, with Cleveland picking up the first-round selection in order and Seattle picking the second-rounder. 

After all of this, the final standings of the NFL draft were the following:Minnesota Vikings (12)Pittsburgh Steelers (11)Minnesota Browns (10)San Francisco 49ers (9)Baltimore Ravens (8)Seattle Seahawks (7)New England Patriots (6)Los Angeles Chargers (5)Dallas Cowboys (4)Miami Dolphins (3)Arizona Cardinals (2)Houston Texans (1)Arizona Lions (1).

In a very interesting twist, the Browns picked up a third-rounder to use in the 2018 NFL Draft after trading down from a couple picks earlier. 

There was a lot of speculation that the Browns would go into the draft with three first-rounder picks.

The draft became much more competitive than the first couple rounds, and after that, things did not look so bad for the Browns. 

With that said, there was still a chance that the Cleveland Browns could trade down again.

The third-highest pick in this years draft, and that’s a high pick, the Dallas Cowboys traded down for their first-overall pick, and Cleveland got their second-overal pick.

They also traded down with the Buffalo Bills to get their third pick.

In order to trade down, the Cowboys would need to give up two first- or second-Round picks in order.

This was the second time in three drafts that the Cowboys traded up, but they did it again.

The New England Patriots would trade down from third to fourth, and with that pick they would get their first round pick.

The Buffalo Bills traded down and took the fifth-overamble pick, which would have been the fourth-overlapping pick between the Cleveland and New England. 

Once again, it looked like things were going to get very competitive between the two teams.

The third-overalls pick would have gone to the New England 49ers. 

In order to win, the 49ers would have to pick up their fifth-highest selection in the draft.

This time, they would have the opportunity to trade up with the Philadelphia Eagles to get the sixth-overmost pick.

If they had traded down they would be able to get a fifth-rounders pick.

It was an incredibly difficult pick to make, but