The 2013 NFL Draft looks a lot like the 2012 NFL Draft

The 2013 NHL Entry Draft looked like a bunch of rookies and trade rumors, and the NFL Entry Draft was pretty similar in many ways.

The 2013 draft saw two first-round picks, one second-round pick, and two third-rounders (one of which was a third-rounder).

The 2012 draft also saw the emergence of a few rookies in the mix, with the first overall pick, Andrew Luck, coming from Stanford.

The first overall selection was not the player that he became, however, as the Colts selected running back Ahmad Bradshaw.

It was a draft that saw several offensive linemen come out of the draft (and that is probably why it was so good), and the Colts drafted linebacker Deone Bucannon with the third overall pick.

This year, the 2013 draft is all about the quarterback position.

We already saw that Trent Edwards is back in the fold, with Peyton Manning joining his new team in Indianapolis.

The Colts drafted Trent Richardson, the best quarterback in the draft, at the third round.

Richardson was considered to be the best pick in the history of the franchise, but it didn’t quite work out, and he’s gone now.

So, is it worth taking a quarterback in this year’s draft?

Let’s take a look at the quarterbacks that are likely to be taken in the first round, as well as a few players that may be worth a look in the third.

The 2014 NFL Draft: QBs that could be taken ahead of the 2014 NFL draft: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford Andrew McAfee, OT, Clemson Michael Bennett, DE, Washington Cody Kessler, QB/C, Georgia Brandon Weeden, QBs, Oklahoma State and Michigan State CJ Fiedorowicz, DT, Ohio State Aaron Murray, DT/DE, UCLA Marcus Mariota, QB(s), Oregon and Tennessee Cameron Artis-Payne, DE/OLB, Texas TechThe 2014 draft was dominated by the QBs.

The top quarterbacks were all taken in Rounds 1 and 2, while the second-best were taken in Round 3.

This draft was a lot of fun to watch, with Luck taking his first career start at quarterback, but he struggled against the Patriots and was eventually benched.

Weeden started all four games of the 2012 draft and has looked very good in the last couple of seasons.

Fiedorsowicz looked like he might be the most athletic player in this draft, and Murray looked like one of the best pass-rushers in this class.

Kessler looked like an upgrade over the former starter, and Artis Parese could very well become a star if he can stay healthy.

Murray has also been very productive in the passing game, and that’s something that we really like.

If Murray can stay on the field and stay healthy, we think he’ll be a solid NFL starter.

Cody Bortles was the best player at this year