Tannenbaum: ‘It’s really a shame’ the Titans did not win AFC title

Tannensbaum: It’s really an absolute shame for the Titans that they didn’t win the AFC Championship.

I think it was just a shame for their fans that they don’t get to see their team play in a Super Bowl.

I don’t know how much they want to see it and it’s not a big part of the storyline that they have.

It’s hard for a lot of people to see the Titans playing in the Super Bowl, but I think the Titans are doing well right now.

I’m just a little bit disappointed because we’ve been there before.

We had the win over the Titans, which was a great win, but then we had the loss to the Colts.

I know that is disappointing, but it’s a shame.

It means nothing.

It could have been a very different situation if we had won the AFC championship.

It was just disappointing.

The Titans are a great football team, but they have lost a lot in recent years.

They have lost to the Texans, and we had that win over them in the playoffs.

I guess we can’t say too much about it right now because we just don’t have anything to talk about.

It would be a shame if we lost the Super Championship to the Raiders, but at the same time, you know what?

We have a lot more to play for and a lot to prove.