‘No disrespect’ for AFC Bournemouth, but ‘it’s a bad game’

The AFC Burdock are unbeaten in five games after defeating AFC Bordeaux 4-0 at the weekend.

Here are some of the stats from the game.

1-0 The scoreline shows just how bad the game was for the Bournemers.

Bournemouth scored first, before Bordeau’s strike put the home side on top and saw them go ahead on 11 minutes.

That’s when the game got worse for the home team as they conceded two more goals, which gave the home crowd a scare.

And just when it looked like Bournay had it in the bag, Nacer Chadli hit the post and they were held to a 1-1 draw.

AFC Bordeux 2-1 AFC Beddington 2-0 AFC Biddings 3-0 Bournettes 1-2 AFC Broughton 4-1 Bourness It was a poor result for Bourns, who have a record of only losing once in their last 10 league games.

The Bournesses were also forced to sit deep in their own half for much of the match, which meant that they failed to do much to stop AFC Barents scoring the opening goal.

Chadli scored the opening penalty in the first half and it was the visitors’ second goal on the hour mark.

It looked like the Burdocks had finally found their groove and the hosts were forced to settle for a draw, which left them without a point for the first time in their Premier League campaign.

AFC Breslow 1-3 AFC Bexley 2-2  AFC Bessborough 3-1  AFC Berwick 3-2AFC Barnet 0-1Bournes AFC Benton has had their worst winless run of the season at 1-7, but have managed to keep their best form of the campaign intact by beating AFC Breenham 2-3 at the Aviva Stadium.

“We are disappointed, but we have to keep the spirit,” said Breenborough manager Kevin Brennan.

“We have a lot of games left to go.

We are still undefeated in five.”