NFL leaders: nfl scoring is up with pass efficiency score up over past three weeks

Passing efficiency ranks as the highest scoring category on the NFL scoreboard this season and is up over the past three games.

However, the NFL has had to adjust some passing statistics after the New England Patriots dominated their opponents through the air last week.

New England had a passing efficiency of 109.5 this week, compared to 103.5 for the Dallas Cowboys, which allowed a passer rating of 103.3.

The Patriots have now allowed more yards per pass attempt (4.8) than the Cowboys (4,921).

Thats because of the league’s new rules for rushing.

The league announced the rules on Tuesday that prevent running backs from gaining more than 5 yards after contact with an opponent.

The new rule also includes the new “chase down” rule that allows running backs to “chases down” a defender in order to create a running lane for the quarterback.

The change is the latest in a series of changes to the league that includes the implementation of a new play call for the league, which has seen the league implement a new pass rush rules that will require running backs and receivers to be able to “break the pocket” or “cut” the pocket if they are unable to maintain control of the football.