How to watch the NFL playoffs: ‘No way, no how’

The NFL playoffs are less than two months away and, after a slow start, it’s already becoming clear the league is ready to move forward.

But there are still some lingering questions about how it will work.

And as it comes to this year’s playoff, the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, has taken the unprecedented step of publicly announcing the winner.

Here are five questions to answer before the postseason starts:1.

Who will play the first playoff game?

With the exception of a few games at home, the teams that will be playing the first game of the postseason are the NFC South’s two teams — the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints — and the AFC North’s four teams.

In the NFC, that means the Atlanta Braves, the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who each have home-field advantage.

The four NFC South teams will play each other at the start of the second round.

The AFC East, which includes the New England Patriots, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers and which also includes the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals, will play both teams.

The two teams with the worst records will play one game each in the AFC title game.

The remaining games are decided by tiebreakers, but in the case of the AFC championship, it will be decided by a tiebreaker in the second game of each round.

So the winners will face off against the other team with the best record, and the losers will face each other in a three-game series that starts on Jan. 9.

The NFC East will have to play the New Orleans Pelicans, New England Eagles and Miami Dolphins in a home-and-home series.

The Dolphins will play New Orleans, but it will take place at MetLife Stadium, where the Saints will play.

The Eagles will play at Metropolitano Stadium, which is home to the New York Giants.

The NFL’s playoff format will look a lot like the regular-season, with the teams in the conference finals playing the divisional round on the road and the division championship game at home.

The conference finals will be played in January, when the first round of the playoffs will be the first of two matchups between teams in a conference finals.2.

Will there be an eighth game?

In the past, the NFL has played an eighth-game tiebreaker, meaning the winner of the tiebreaker game must play the loser in the next round.

But this year, the game will be tied at 1-1, meaning there will be no tiebreaker for the eighth game.

This will mean that the winner will play in the first semifinal and the loser will face the second semifinal.

The winner of that semifinal game will then play in a third-place game, and that will determine the winner in the championship game.3.

Will the playoff format be the same as the regular season?


The NFL will use the same schedule for all 12 games, except for the Super Bowl.

The first round will start on Jan 2, while the playoffs start Jan. 3.

The teams with playoff wins will advance to the second, third and fourth rounds, while teams with losses will play their divisional-round opponents.4.

Will this be the second year the NFC East plays the NFC North?

Yes, the NFC division winners will play on Jan 8 in Atlanta.

But the teams with ties in the NFC title game will play for the first time this season in New Orleans.

The winner of those games will then face the loser of the NFC championship game in Baltimore.5.

Will it be the NFC’s first playoff without the Patriots and Dolphins?

The NFL hasn’t played its divisional playoff since the NFC champion was the New Zealand All Blacks in 2007.

The Patriots and Broncos will both be in the final two for the NFC West.

The Broncos won the NFC last season, beating the Broncos in the division title game and then losing to the Broncos again in the playoffs.

The Panthers won the division in 2010, and were the first team in NFL history to win back-to-back NFC West titles.