How to watch the NFL on ABC this week: How many games is your team in?

The NFL has announced that every team in the league will get the chance to watch every game in the 2016 regular season on Monday, December 5.

That’s according to a tweet from NFL Network, which notes that there will be no re-runs or re-broadcasts, so fans won’t be spoiled for choice.

“We will be bringing back the most watched NFL game ever in 2016, including the biggest NFL events of the year, including Super Bowl LI, NFL Championship Game, AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl,” NFL Network’s NFL GameDay said.

“The NFL will continue to bring the most iconic events of our lifetimes, including all Super Bowls and Super Bowl XLVII.”

This is the perfect time to relive your childhood memories of football.

“The NFL says fans can tune into the first-ever live NFL telecast of every Super Bowl game on Monday at 4:00pm ET (6:00am PT).

If you can’t get to a game, you can catch the highlights live on the NFL GamePass website, as well as on NFL Network.