How to watch the 2018 NFL playoffs with our 2017 NFL Draft Expert Picks

We’ve reached the end of our 2018 NFL Draft experts picks, and it’s time to move on to 2018 NFL experts picks for the playoffs.

If you want to see how well each team did in the playoffs, take a look at the experts picks here.

We’ve got some of the best picks for each team, and some of their best picks from the first round.

For example, here’s how the New England Patriots fared in the regular season: NFC East 1.

Chicago Bears -3.

St. Louis Rams -1.

Atlanta Falcons -2.

New York Jets -3, New Orleans Saints -4, Miami Dolphins -5, Philadelphia Eagles -6, Green Bay Packers -7, Detroit Lions -8, Chicago 49ers -9.

New England Patriot -10.

Cleveland Browns -11.

Detroit Lions (No. 10 overall) 1st Round Picks: Chicago Bears (6) 2nd Round Picks : St. L Louis Rams (4) 3rd Round Picks : New York Giants (4), Miami Dolphins (5) 4th Round Picks : Detroit Lions (4, 4) 5th Round Pick: Cleveland Browns (4). 

6th Round picks: Detroit Lions, New York Browns, Green St. Lions, Philadelphia Patriots.

Nexus 5: The NFL Playoffs for 2018 The NFL postseason is right around the corner, and the next few weeks will provide plenty of exciting moments.

For one thing, the playoffs will feature two of the most exciting games of the year: the NFL Draft and the Super Bowl.

There’s also a chance the playoffs could be one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

The 2018 NFL Playoffs are here, and we’re going to make our picks based on how the teams performed during the first 10 weeks of the season.

Here are our experts picks: NFL Playoffs: Experts Picks for the 2018 Playoffs 1.

Green Bay Panthers -3 2.

Seattle Seahawks -3 3.

Cleveland Bengals -4 4.

Denver Broncos -5 5.

Philadelphia Eagles 6.

Chicago St. Bengals (No. 5 overall) 7.

Cleveland St. Rams (No 1 overall) 8.

New Orleans Buccaneers (No 4 overall) 9. Tampa Bay Patriots (No 7 overall) 10.

Baltimore Ravens (No 5) 11.

Atlanta Bears (No 6 overall) 12.

Miami Dolphins 13.

Cincinnati Bills (No 8 overall) 14.

Pittsburgh Buckeyes (No 9 overall) 15.

Washington Bucks (No 10 overall).