How to watch NFL 2020 draft: The most interesting draft prospects are right here

It’s a little late for this year’s NFL Draft, but you can still watch the entire draft on ESPN this weekend if you want to catch all the big names.

Here are the big stories from today’s first round, according to ESPN’s draft coverage:1.

How many players will the Jacksonville Jaguars take in the first round?ESPN’s Todd McShay reported that Jacksonville will select quarterback Jacoby Brissett, wide receiver Corey Coleman and tight end Julius Thomas in the second round, with the fourth overall pick also coming from Jacksonville.

The Jaguars also added linebacker T.J. Johnson and defensive tackle Marcus Peters.

The team is expected to select running back Dalvin Cook in the fourth round.

The Vikings are also expected to take running back Adrian Peterson in the fifth round.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to pick quarterback Jacob (J.J.)

Brissitt, wide receivers Corey Coleman, Julius Thomas, and tight ends Julius Thomas and T.j.

Johnson in the draft, with linebacker Tj. and defensive end Marcus Peters as the team’s fourth overall picks.

The Vikings have a strong case to be the first team to select Bridgewater, who is expected in the top five of this year.

Bridgewater, a former first-round pick, has struggled to make a major impact as a pro, though he did make his Pro Bowl debut in Week 11, and he was one of the most impressive quarterbacks in the league at his Pro Day.

The Browns are expected be the team to take quarterback Deshaun Watson, though there is no guarantee he’ll be selected at the top of the draft.

Watson has struggled at times as a starter, and his struggles have cost Cleveland multiple first-rounder selections in the past.

The Browns could use an upgrade at the position and Watson has the potential to be that.

Watson, a five-year starter, would give the Browns a long-term answer to the running back position.

The Ravens will select wide receiver Jeremy Maclin with the fifth overall pick.

The Ravens are expected pick wide receiver Amari Cooper with the sixth overall pick, according the Baltimore Sun.

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is always a tough one, but the Ravens could use some speed in the secondary.

Cooper, a three-year pro with four Pro Bowl selections, could help Baltimore improve its run defense.

The Titans are expected take wide receiver Josh Huff with the second overall pick of the second week of the NFL Draft.

The Titans, who drafted Josh Doctson, were a team to watch last season, but they have since fallen off.

Huff could help Tennessee in 2017.

The third overall pick is expected from the Raiders, with quarterback Derek Carr the only player to be selected in the Raiders first round.

Carr is expected by the Raiders to be a major piece in a dynasty.

The Saints are expected choose wide receiver John Ross with the first overall pick in the 2017 draft.

The Saints drafted Jarvis Landry in the third round last year, but he was cut by the team and has yet to earn a starting job with New Orleans.

The Cowboys are expected picking wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. with the 16th pick.

The Steelers will take wide receivers Antonio Brown and Jarvis Landro with the 13th overall picks in the NFL draft.

Both players have struggled at the NFL level in recent years, but Landro is the most productive receiver in the class.

The Cardinals are expected taking quarterback Sam Darnold with the 15th overall pick from the draft on Sunday.

The Cardinals have been known to draft prospects from other conferences, but this is the first time they’ll be picking in the early rounds of the Draft.

Darnolds draft stock is rising this season, as his play has improved each week.

The Bears and Falcons are also projected to be picking at the end of the first and second rounds of drafts.

The Dolphins are projected to pick wide receivers Odell Bell and DeVante Parker with the 23rd and 25th overall selections.

The Giants will take linebacker Khalil Mack in the ninth round.

While Mack is still in the process of building up his stock, he could be a star at the next level.

The Giants have a knack for finding talent at the combine and in the undrafted free agent market, and Mack could be the future of the team.

The Patriots, Bengals and Ravens are also the teams expected to draft defensive end Joey Bosa with the 31st overall pick this year, according ESPN’s Tim McManus.

The Packers will pick defensive tackle David Njoku with the 32nd overall pick and the Lions will take guard Evan Dietrich-Smith in the 34th overall selection.

The Jets will pick offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo with the 37th overall overall pick on Sunday, according NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

Castonzos play has been inconsistent at times, but it’s hard to argue that he’s not a future starter.

He’s the type of player that could come off the board early in the Draft