How to Stream NFL Films on Netflix

The NFL Films streaming service is getting some serious competition.

The NFL’s streaming service on Wednesday launched the NFL Films library of more than 5,300 movies.

The company says the movie library is now available for download on Roku and Apple TV devices.

Netflix, on the other hand, launched its own NFL Films app in October.

The new app allows you to watch NFL Films movies on your Android phone or tablet and has more than 40 movies in its library, including movies starring actors like Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen.

The league’s NFL Films TV series, “NFL Films: The Complete History of the NFL,” has also been updated.

The first season of “NFL: The Journey” is available on Amazon Prime Video, while “NFL Nation” and “NFL 2K15” are also available on streaming services.

The service’s NFL 3K and NFL 4K streaming service also launched in October, respectively.

NFL Films is one of the first streaming services to support Apple TV, and the NFL has partnered with Roku, Google Chromecast and Microsoft Xbox to stream NFL Films content to Apple TV.

The NHL is also trying to become more of an app-centric entertainment provider.

Last month, the league announced that it will begin streaming its 2017 season in 2018 through its NHL App, the company’s app-only service for fans.

It also is developing its own content-based video and sports streaming service, “GoNHL.”

The league also launched a new app in January to showcase its most popular games.