How to get a NFL team’s playoff odds right

When it comes to the playoff odds for the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers have the edge over the New England Patriots, according to the latest NFL playoff odds.

The Patriots are up 3-1 and the 49ers down 1-2, according the latest odds released by BetOnline.

The odds are up 1-1 after the Patriots’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but are down 4-2 since the Super Bowl.

The latest odds are as follows: New England: 1-4 New York Giants: 2-3 Indianapolis Colts: 3-3 New Orleans Saints: 4-3 Houston Texans: 4.5-1 Tennessee Titans: 4.-1 Oakland Raiders: 4th-best New York Jets: 4ths-best Chicago Bears: 5-1 Carolina Panthers: 5.5-.5 Washington Redskins: 5-.5 Atlanta Falcons: 5th- best Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5ths-worst Arizona Cardinals: 6-2 San Francisco Giants: 6.5ths-Best New York Mets: 6th- Best Minnesota Twins: 6ths- worst New York Rangers: 6nd- Best Miami Marlins: 6TH- Worst Chicago Cubs: 6 th- best Philadelphia Phillies: 7th- worst Arizona Cardinals 7th.

New York Yankees: 7.5th- Boston Red Sox: 7TH- Oakland Athletics: 7ths- Pittsburgh Pirates: 7-5 Los Angeles Angels: 7-.5 Pittsburgh Pirates 7th, Los Angeles Dodgers: 7 -6 Detroit Tigers: 7 TH- Detroit Tigers 7th: Detroit Tigers 6th, Detroit Tigers 4th: New York Cubs: 7, Oakland Athletics 8th: Oakland Athletics 6th: Chicago Cubs 5th: Cincinnati Reds 7th – Chicago Cubs 7th and Oakland Athletics 9th: Arizona Diamondbacks 9th and Cincinnati Reds 9th.

The Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Twins are tied for fifth.

The Cleveland Browns are tied with the Atlanta Falcons at 7th with the Seattle Mariners tied at 8th.