How to beat NFL playoff scenarios

NFL playoff possibilities are getting a little bit more daunting every year, with the potential of a full-blown season that could push teams to the brink of a championship.

We take a look at what could happen in the postseason and how each team will fare.

NFL Playoff scenarios are getting an increasingly tougher task every year.

Here are five of the more intriguing scenarios the league is likely to have to contend with in the upcoming seasons: 1.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens The Chiefs and Ravens are two of the best teams in the NFL.

While their recent playoff success has made them favorites to win it all, the Chiefs are still a year away from having their best season in a long time.

They have the NFL’s most talented offense, a new defensive coordinator, a top wideout in Charles Johnson, and the best quarterback in the game in Alex Smith.

In a season full of great quarterbacks and running backs, the Ravens would be the best team in the AFC East.

The Chiefs are a team with just one All-Pro receiver, but they are the only team in their division that hasn’t been without a franchise quarterback since Brady Quinn took over in 2012.

If they can win out in the playoffs, the next two seasons could be a great one for both of them.

Baltimore has a better team in Baltimore, but it has struggled on offense.

The Ravens would need to win out and beat the Chiefs in the conference title game to make the playoffs.

The Raiders would also need to beat the Chargers and Rams to make it to the Super Bowl, but that would be even more difficult since they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1993.


Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers The Colts have been an AFC West team since 2009, and their season has been nothing short of historic.

They’ve been to five consecutive division titles, including three in a row from 2009 to 2014.

This is a team that’s won nine division titles and has the league’s best defense and most prolific offense.

Indy has a lot of talent, but their most important weapon is their defense, which allowed the third-fewest points per game in the league last season.

The Chargers will need to come out with a big performance to beat this Colts team, but there are a lot more teams in this AFC West that are much better than the Colts.

This would be a wild card.


Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots There are plenty of reasons why the Patriots would have a hard time winning it all.

While they’re probably the most talented team in football right now, they have some glaring holes on offense and in the secondary.

They also have a lot to play for, with a new head coach in Bill Belichick.

But this is a division that’s not built for the Super Bests, and New England has a solid defense that should allow them to win the division again.

This game is the Browns’ first since losing to the Broncos in the 2017 AFC title game.

The Browns won the AFC North in 2018 and are in a playoff spot for the first time since 2003.

This could be their year to make some noise.


Seattle Seahawks vs. Houston Texans The Seahawks have struggled on defense all year, but this is one of the most dynamic offenses in the entire league.

This team should be able to win a lot.

It’s also a team without an All-Pros left tackle, but Russell Wilson is the best offensive player in the sport.

If this team can get into the playoffs after this season, it could make a statement that this is what the Seahawks are all about.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons The 49ers were one of three teams that beat the Patriots in the divisional round last season, but the Seahawks were able to come back to beat them.

The 49er offense has struggled all year and is in the midst of a rebuilding process, but if this team plays up to its potential, this could be the season they make the leap from the NFC West to the NFC South.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Buffalo Bills The Bills have been one of four teams to make a playoff push since the beginning of the 2017 season.

They’ll likely need a lot from their defense to pull off that win over the Patriots, but at least they can restock up at the skill positions.

The Bucs are one of five teams in that division that are without a quarterback, but quarterback Josh McCown is the quarterback most of the team wants.

If McCown can bounce back and beat Buffalo in the wild card game, the Bucs could make the postseason again.


New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Bengals The Saints are a young team that has just lost its starting quarterback to retirement, but its defense could be very dangerous.

The Bengals are a playoff team and one of two teams in their own division that haven’t lost a game in a season since 2011.

With a strong offense, an outstanding defense, and a talented quarterback, the Saints could be an unstoppable force.


Dallas Cowboys vs.