How to be the NFL’s best football player

Here is the blueprint to become the NFL champion.


Be a leader.

Every player should be respected and respected should be valued.

If you want to be in the NFL, you must be the leader of your team.

The NFL is a family affair and when a teammate or player is out, you will never be in a position to criticize them.


Never be afraid to speak your mind.

If a teammate has a bad game, or an injury, or you see someone disrespect the flag, you need to be there to show your support.


Listen to your teammates and coaches.

If your team has a good player, coach, or offensive coordinator, you have the responsibility to respect him.


Listen and obey your team’s rules.

Players are expected to be consistent and follow the rules.


Be professional, but be humble.

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t always win the game, and you cannot always win it every week.


Take your time.

It is important to do your homework.

The best players and coaches take the time to work on their craft.


Be responsible.

You are the boss and you have a responsibility to be your best.


Never give up.

Do not let any team or coach take advantage of you.


Don’t be afraid.

The ultimate test of a leader is whether you are willing to work your ass off for the team.


Keep your cool.

Never get angry.

When you are losing, you are being realistic and don’t let the frustration get to you.


Be consistent.

If it seems like your team is struggling, be consistent.

Keep going.

Don�t quit.


Don`t be afraid of failure.

There is no such thing as a bad loss.


Be aware of your role in the team and your role on the field.

You will never have a perfect game, but if you stay the course, you should be able to lead your team to a victory.


Make the right calls.

It may seem obvious, but make the right decisions and be consistent with your decisions.


Learn from the mistakes of the past.

The more you learn from the past, the better you will be. 16.

Be humble.

If there is anything you have ever learned, do not let your ego get in the way.


Be loyal.

It’s OK to make mistakes and you should not let anyone take advantage.


Know your limits.

You should never lose faith in your ability to win.


Be honest.

When people make mistakes, they will be judged on whether they have the right attitude.


Have fun.

Always have fun.