How NFL players have been treated by fans after Super Bowl

More than a dozen NFL players who have had a Super Bowl experience on their resumes have had their names added to a list of the most racially charged NFL players of the past week.

In a list released on Wednesday, former Cleveland Browns linebacker James Jones, former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Brian Dawkins and former New Orleans Saints defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove are all on the list.

“A lot of it’s on the minds of the people in the league,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

“I don’t know if it’s a collective thing.

I don’t think we’ve had a day that’s had it all.

I know it’s very frustrating.”

Jones, Dawkins and Hargrotve all were in New Orleans during the Super Bowl and have since spoken out against the current NFL player protests.

They spoke out about the players protest during an interview with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Jones told Mortensen that he believes “they are disrespectful to their country.”

Jones has been one of the NFL’s most outspoken players and spoke out during the 2016 NFL lockout about the protests.

He said he did not believe players protesting during the National Anthem should be paid and the protests should be stopped.

Jones also spoke out against President Donald Trump and his plans for the league to re-sign players who protest during the anthem.

McCarthy said NFL owners have reached out to the players and have not been able to reach a solution on a collective bargaining agreement, which would allow the players to continue protesting.

NFL players have spoken out about racial injustice and the protest.

The list was released at the end of the season and the players who had an experience with racism in the past have been included.

Jones was the first African-American NFL player to have a Superbowl experience in 2016.

He had a breakout season with the Browns and won the Defensive Player of the Year award, the NFL MVP award and the Pro Bowl.

He played in four Super Bowls and the league won three Super Bowl titles.