Draft 2019: Who could be drafted, where to watch and where to get the most value

The AFL has released the 2019 draft picks, which have been released.

The first five picks have been determined by the AFL and are listed below.

The AFL will pick their first team of 16 players in round one.

This is the first time the AFL has selected a draft order from the first five selections since Round One 2000.

The next three picks are based on a combination of how the AFL selects their first four picks and the average of the picks from that first four selections.

The last three picks, the top 10 picks, are determined by a combination, based on how the top ten picks have played.

These picks are:The picks are as follows:1.1 (1) Adelaide Crows1.4 (2) West Coast Eagles1.8 (3) West Ham1.9 (4) Melbourne2.0 (5) Geelong2.2 (6) Brisbane3.1(7) Fremantle3.3(8) Melbourne(9) Port Adelaide3.6(10) St Kilda4.2(11) Carlton4.4(12) Collingwood4.6 (13) Essendon4.7(14) North Melbourne5.0(15) Carlton5.4The AFL draft order will be released in two waves.

The wave will consist of two waves, the first of which will be a wave that includes the first four rounds of the draft, and the second of which consists of the top four picks.

The top four will be determined by their position in the draft order.

The three players who are No.1 in the first wave will be available to the AFL.

The other three players are likely to be unavailable in the second wave.

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